Web design and web development are terms often used independently or together to market services.  Although there is a crossover between the two terms, there is a difference.

Web Design

Your website is more than the face of your business on the Internet.  Having a “web presence” doesn’t translate to gifts of online riches and “presence” today is much more than just the website.

Many graphical design and marketing firms try to adapt the conventions of print media to the web.  Often, the result is an impractical and confusing website.

On the Internet, your first impression is your only impression. Your business has to be represented through a combination of color, graphics and usability. The “WOW” factor has to be balanced with ease of navigation and most importantly, relevant content.

In our 30 years of combined web design and development experience, we’ve learned what works for usability.  We deliver user focused websites providing your customers the information they seek, balanced with visual elements to generate a positive browsing experience.

YUZHU takes a balanced approach to web design.  Before we even lay down a pixel, a reasonable amount of time is spent understanding your business needs and goals.  We need to know you, your business, and your customers before we can design a graphical solution.

Contact us today and experience what we bring to website design.

Web Development

You can consider design as the more visual elements of a website, the framework for look and feel.  Development deals with the things you don’t see.

Development refers to the “back end” of a website.  This is the work of (web) programmers who think of ways to solve logical problems; make websites “do things”.

Examples of websites powered by web development include:

  • Content management systems, blogs and content publishing
  • Online catalogs and E-Commerce
  • Online registrations and applications
  • Discussion boards
  • Event calendars
  • Order tracking systems
  • Members only areas

The list ends with your imagination.

Additional time is needed to analyze the business, processes, requirements, risks and goals before any actual development begins.  Throw in all the fun coding, testing, and design and you can expect the costs of development to exceed well beyond web design.

Simply, it is a different set of skills and a different kind of work.

Our strengths are in web development and our portfolio provides great examples of websites that allow businesses to extend their services to the Internet.

Some companies claim web design and/or web development in their services, but do they know the difference?

YUZHU does, and now you do, too.