Hollinger House Bakery

October 15, 2011 · E-Commerce, Food Service

We developed some very cool features into this website.  On the home page we have the chalk board which displays their daily specials and other promotions. Just like when you walk into the bakery you see the specials board over the deli!

In addition to the chalk board we have an online catering order system that is only one step away from full E-Commerce.  The system presents the catering options and customers can select their items and submit their order to Hollinger House for processing.  No actual payments are collected through the website, but when they’re ready, it’s capable.  A fine example of extending the business online and planning for future functionalities! Fast and easy to use.

The specials and catering menus are all maintained by Hollinger House staff through their own administration website. Everything is web-based: no special programs to purchase or install to update the website!