Cozy Corner Restaurant

November 25, 2011 · Food Service

We recently updated the Cozy Corner Restaurant website to include features that make ordering convenient for their customers, and maintaining the website easier for the owners.

Customers have access to the complete menu online. As a bonus, we developed a system that allows customers to create their order right on the website.  A “shopping cart” keeps track of the ordered items and totals the amount, including taxes and delivery charges where needed.  Customers now have their order ready when they call Cozy Corner, and they know how much the order will cost when they pick it up or have it delivered!

Cozy Corner management can update the main website with promotions and additional content (like how to use chopsticks!) using their content management system.  Their online menu also features an administration area that allows them to update all menu items, including descriptions, pictures and prices.

We also created a custom Facebook page to engage their customers in sharing their experiences with the restaurant’s service and food.

A fine example of extending a physical business to the online format.

Carter Yu Owner, Cozy Corner Restaurant

"Our website provides customers with quick access to our menu items. The new order calculator has proved valuable as it allows customers to create their order before calling in.  Our staff is spending less time answering menu questions and calling back with order totals."