Clean Ride

November 15, 2012 · Professional Services

We love this site.  It’s a great example of how to utilize the web to promote the business and engage your customers.  Who isn’t proud of their car, especially after it’s been cleaned to perfection!

By understanding Clean Ride’s customers, we came up with an idea for a web presence that would bring in visitors, keep them coming back, and gain exposure.

The website contains the basic information on services but the great features are the Clean Rides gallery and the Car Care Tips areas.  This allows Clean Ride to publish photos of recently cleaned vehicles.  Each photo has social media sharing icons so owners or other visitors  can share the photo with their networks.  Each photo also invites visitors to comment on the photos.  This allows customers to leave feedback, and visitors to add their comments!

The Care Care Tips are articles that promote the importance of maintaining your vehicle’s exterior and  interior.  With every tip is a reason to contact Clean Ride to perform the services.

We also created their Facebook page to share the articles and show off the cars and allow fans to share, like and comment on the Clean Rides.  Check them out!

We gave their logo a bit of love, too!

Denis Gemme Owner, Clean Ride

"Thank you to YUZHU for taking the time to understand my business, customers and goals and turning all that detail (pun intended) into my  new website. The feedback has been amazing!"