Denis Gemme Owner, Clean Ride

"Thank you to YUZHU for taking the time to understand my business, customers and goals and turning all that detail (pun intended) into my  new website. The feedback has been amazing!"

Graham Read General Manager, Lumin Solar Inc.

"This is the second project I have counted on YUZHU to complete.  Once again they have worked with us by offering feedback and maintaining communication to complete our new website.  Their ability to express the corporate image and feel that I was looking for has contributed to our  goals of increasing brand recognition, sales, and market share."

Gord Wilson

Gord Wilson Owner, Western Auto Sales

"Since the launch of our website in 2004, it has become an integral part of our daily business operations.  Today, we could not imagine doing business without our website.  Thank you to Andy and James for your hard work over the years!"

Louise Cantin Fishbowl Restaurants

"We've been working with Andy for the past 8 years.  He has been extremely reliable, flexible and attentive to the online needs of our business.  We're looking forward to the great things coming up with our website for 2012! Thank you YUZHU!"

Graham Read, Vice President, The Clay Elliott Scholarship Foundation

Graham Read Vice President, The Clay Elliott Scholarship Foundation

"YUZHU has been with us since the beginning of The Clay Elliott Scholarship Foundation.  As our Foundation grew so did our online needs. We thank Andy and James for helping the Foundation meet the online demands of our students, schools and sponsors."

Carter Yu Owner, Cozy Corner Restaurant

"Our website provides customers with quick access to our menu items. The new order calculator has proved valuable as it allows customers to create their order before calling in.  Our staff is spending less time answering menu questions and calling back with order totals."